Current Updates!
We are currently updating our entire website. Here's our calendar of events for the next couple of weeks.

8/23 (Wednesday) - Game Night! 7:00 pm in UC 330
8/24 (Thursday) - Dinner in the Park & Big Dipper. Meet at the Bear at 5:30 and we'll all walk downtown to eat dinner then go to Big Dipper after.
8/25 (Friday) - Movie on the Oval. Want someone to sit with at the Movie? We're your crew. Meet us at the Bear at 6:30.
8/26 (Saturday) - Hike and BBQ. Join us a the Bear at 9:30 to go on a local hike, then we'll head to a private pond, hang out on the water, and do a BBQ.

Every Tuesday Night @ 7:30 join us for a worship night in the Davidson Honors College Room 119.
Jesus & Groups (The Arts, Film, and Fitness) Contact us for more info or sign up at our table on campus!
Sept 15-17 Elevation weekend to Glacier National Park. Cost $65.

For more info: Contact Paula or Alec
Paula: (512) 743-6295
Alec: (406) 273-8439

Current Updates!
Chi Alpha
We are a community of friends living life together.
We are a movement of college-age men and women earnestly following Jesus.
We are an opportunity to see what college could be like if you didn't do it alone.

If that's what you're looking for, what are you waiting for?

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Community is doing life together. Having a place to belong. Asking questions and exploring the answers together. Connection is sometimes a loud song or a silent prayer. It is the bridge between loving God and and loving others. Commission is learning to find our mission, follow Jesus, and explore the possibility of a life where heaven and earth collide. If you're looking for any of these, come find out more.
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Whether you just want to learn about UM Chi Alpha, or you've got student that's looking to get involved, this is where you can find out more.
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