Life Groups
With regulations and precautions related to Covid-19 it is more important than ever that students find a tribe you can connect with and spend time with from start of the year till finish. To help mitigate over exposure we have created ‘social pockets’ of students, which offer a safe space to enjoy friendships throughout the year. We call these social pockets “Life” groups.

We believe in living life together and asking deep questions. Life group is our home away from home. This is our community. This is our tribe. This is the family that will walk with me through the struggles and celebrate with my achievements. This is the place where I can ask a difficult question and get an honest answer. This is where I can be myself without fear or reservation. This is the place I can let go of the worries and just be me. Life group is the place where we can find our identity, discover our purpose, and grow in faith, together. Don’t go it alone. Everything's better with friends.

We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that every moment is an opportunity to access the living God and have our lives transformed by that encounter. We believer that prayer is a regular exchange of the plans we have for the plans that God has. We believe that through prayer we can lay down our struggles, worries, burdens, and fears, and pick up the joy, strength, and peace that only Jesus can offer. Because we believer this, we want to offer as many opportunities for this as we can. So come join us as we seek Jesus together.
The H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Christian: Do you want to grow in faith but you don’t know how? Do you want to take your faith to the next level? Come to Catalyst and learn practical ways to grow in every area of your Christian life. In this one hour weekly class you will learn practical life giving tools and skills, as well as get the opportunity to discuss and practice them with other students.

No sign up necessary, just a willingness to be teachable and desire to explore your relationship with Jesus further.

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Elevation Weekend – early September trips to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks on alternating years.

Go-Deep Fall Retreat – a weekend in October to really “Go Deep” with God and each other.

SALT Conference – the last weekend of Winter Break. Join with 200+ students from 10 XA groups for amazing worship, powerful speaker. Get yourself spiritually ready to be “salt & light” for the spring semester.

Men’s and Women’s Breakaway – a day trip in February to fun in the snow with friends.

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We believe every person was designed by God for a purpose in life, to have a unique mission that shares the life and love of Jesus with the world. Our missions trips are short but powerful experiences that give glimpses of what God can do in and through you. Join Him in His work and experience first hand what it means to be the “salt and light of the earth.” Warning: it can be addicting!
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Fusion and Hangouts
Friday night is the most exciting night of the week, yet sometimes it’s difficult to find what you’re going to do an who you’re going to do it with. Come join us as we hang out! We might do a movie, trivia, boardgames, Karaoke, or some other awesome thing.